Computer Repairs from 2009

Tölvuland specializes in repairing all types and models of PC laptops and desktops.
Independent computer workshop. From the very beginning, the decision was made to mark the company’s unique position in the market by not selling new computers to customers, as most computer service companies in Iceland do. We thus have no sales interests and are not dependent on selling a certain amount of computers every month. Our customers can thus be assured of getting an honest and correct troubleshooting of their computer, information about repair costs, usability and service life of the computer.
All general computer repairs. Tölvuland specializes in repairing PC laptops and desktops. The workshop is complete and well equipped with all general computer repairs. The installation of the workshop is i.a. tailored to troubleshoot PC computers and the workshop can troubleshoot them quickly and reliably. We supply all spare parts, whether they are new or used (Your choice). We replace hardware in computers, install software and remove viruses to name a few.
Website design and hosting. We create websites for individuals and companies and also offer hosting solutions for the sites. You can choose from everything from a simple website to a website with a powerful online shopping system. You can find out all about website creation here .
Fixed prices for your benefit. Tölvuland was the first company in Iceland to offer its customers fixed prices on almost all service categories. We know how much it costs to repair your computer and we want you to know that before you have it repaired.
We repair. We have always been tireless in upholding our ideal of repairing if possible instead of throwing away and buying new. We are also aware that all things have their time and sometimes a computer that comes to us for troubleshooting is simply too old to be repaired. In such cases, we advise our customers on the choice of a new computer in accordance with the intended use.
Experience and knowledge. Our experience spans more than eleven years. We offer good prices and guarantee you excellent service all the way.

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  • ID number: 620509-0860
  • Founded: 2009
  • VAT number: 101461
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  • 107 Reykjavík