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Website works

It creates business and increases the credibility of your business as most people assume that your business has a website where information about it and the product / service it offers can be accessed. Website is also important for all businesses to market themselves and advertise online.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, how small or large it is, old or new. Website works. We offer advantageous solutions in WordPress and Joomla homepage design. We help you with needs analysis and together we find out how a website is best for you and your business. – Together we can find a solution.

Powerful and secure web management system

Free CMS

Wide range of themes and applications

Possibility of a powerful online stor

Easy to use

Support multiple languages

High security

WordPress & Joomla

are extremely powerful “free” web management systems for individuals and small businesses. We offer advantageous solutions in WordPress and Joomla homepage designs.
Because homepages are as different as they are many, it is almost impossible to provide a fixed price for a website except it is a simple one.
We offer a simple WordPress or Joomla website with a cover page and 4 subpages at a fixed price. You can view a sample of such a website by clicking here.
Included in such a website is the hosting setup, standard look, language and system settings, text, photo, logo and email formatting.

Website service available:

    • Installing a Basic System (WordPress-Joomla)
    • Setting up a Woocommerce Online Store
    • Inserting content (text and photographs)
    • Content Updates
    • Designing text
    • Hosting (Security updates included)
    • SSL encryption
    • Search engine listing
    • SEO Search Engine Optimization
    • Language Installation

    • Choosing a theme
    • Transfer Between Hosting
    • Security updates


      We offer favorable hosting solutions and we can transfer websites between hosts. Managing regular security updates is included in our hosting solutions.

      The CMS management systems

      WordPress and Joomla are free web management systems and WordPress is the most popular in the world today with about 60% market share. Both systems are extremely powerful and secure and e.g. then 9% of well-known websites run on Joomla.


      Both systems are simple and convenient to use and the market with themes, applications and extensions is huge and costs little and sometimes nothing. Both systems are well suited to simple blog pages, booking sites up to large online stores.

      Management and Language

      Joomla has powerful built-in user controls and language systems, but WordPress also offers numerous languages ​​with software add-ons. Language translations are available in most languages.

      Key benefits of WordPress and Joomla:

      • Flexible systems that are easy to scale and modify
      • Basic systems are free
      • Extremely secure system
      • Speak most languages ​​and easy to translate.
      • Built-in support for multiple languages ​​at one time in Joomla
      • WordPress has around 60% market share in the world
      • More than 9% of known corporate websites run on Joomla
      • Ready for search engines after install.

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