Virus removal

We scan for and delete viruses.

Your computer is scanned with powerful anti-virus software and viruses and malware is deleted.
A virus is not always a program that corrupts your computer’s software and slows it down. Viruses are diverse and can e.g. take your computer hostage, use it as a distribution center to infect other computers or even to attack a network.

Powerful antivirus software pays off.

Free antivirus software is poor protection. Similar to leaving the front door open.

How do we prevent viruses

First and foremost, all computers need to be equipped with powerful virus protection software. Virus protection software varies as there are many to choose from and some of them provide little protection. Using free antivirus software is similar to leave the front door open. (There is NOTHING free in this world!) Powerful virus protection software costs little compared to the cost of having viruses removed from your computer. Powerful virus protection software provides up to 95% protection against viruses.

We also need to be aware of the fact that no one out there is giving us anything or anything. We do not win the lottery unless we buy tickets and we do not receive shipping by UPS if we did not order anything. If there is an e-mail from Microsoft, Facebook or someone we do not know who is, we should click on the “delete” button on the keyboard and delete it immediately without opening it.

We know which virus protection software works and we offer them at a good price with installation included. Here you can buy powerful virus protection.