Computer service for buisnesses

Computer services for small businesses

Computer services for small businesses

Computer services for small businesses

We offer small businesses repair and maintenance services of computer equipment. We come to the scene and help with software installation and repair, connection of printers and installation of virus protection. We also provide advice on the selection and purchase of equipment and take care of the installation of it.
We pick up faulty computers for repair at our computer workshop and return them after repair.

Computer maintenance services


Computer repairs

Website design

Web hosting

Websites and hosting services

We offer small businesses a comprehensive solution for websites, both in terms of installation, hosting and maintenance.


We offer cost-effective hosting solutions and undertake the transfer of websites between hosting companies.

Web Management Systems

WordPress and Joomla are free web management systems and WordPress is the most popular in the world today with approx. 60% market share. Both systems are extremely powerful and secure and e.g. 9% of the websites of well-known companies run on Joomla.


Both systems are simple and easy to use and the market with looks, programs and plugins is huge and the cost is low and sometimes none. Both systems are suitable for blog pages or booking pages for large online stores.

Management and language

Joomla has powerful built-in user controls and language systems, but WordPress also offers a number of languages ​​with software enhancements. Language translations are available in most languages.

Key benefits of WordPress and Joomla:

• Flexible system that is easy to enlarge and change
• The core systems are free
• Extremely secure
• Speaks most languages ​​and is easy to translate.
• Built-in support for multiple languages ​​at once in Joomla
• WordPress has about 60% market share in the world
• More than 9% of well-known corporate websites run on Joomla
• Ready for search engines during installation.

Computer service for buisnesses

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