Computer repairs

PC computer repair for individuals and companies
Many years of experience and knowledge in PC computer repair as well as a complete computer workshop make it possible for us to diagnose PC computers accurately in a short time. We replace all replaceable parts if they are defective, such as e.g. keyboards, electrical outlets, hard drives, disk drives, motherboards, graphics cards and RAM. We install operating system from scratch, clean out viruses and other junk, and back up data.

Fault diagnosis

Upgrades that make your computer faster

Windows installations

Virus removal

Hardware replacement

Dust cleaning

It can be difficult to diagnose computers by phone or e-mail. The simplest and most convenient way for you to find out what’s wrong with your computer is to bring it to our workshop. This is the process:

1. Bring the computer to the workshop

You bring the computer to our workshop.

2. Fault analysis

We check your computer and find out what is wrong with it and what needs to be done to fix it.

3. We will let you know

We will let you know what is wrong with your computer, how much the repair costs and how long it takes.

4. You agree to the repair.

We will repair the computer and let you know when it is ready.

4. You refuse repair.

You pick up the computer at our workshop and pay for fault diagnosis.

5. After the repair.

You pick up the computer at our workshop and pay for the repairs.

Dust cleaning

Dust cleaning is included in all our computer repairs.


Of course, we take responsibility for our work in accordance with the law on service purchases.