Computer repair

PC repair for individuals and companies

Computer repair for individuals and companies

We specialise in repairs PC computers. Accumulated experience and knowledge over many years of PC computer repairs together with a thorough computer workshop enable us to effectively and quickly troubleshoot PC computers.
If you have broken or damaged computer pieces for PC computers, we replace those that can be replaced, such as: keyboards, electric couplings, hard discs, motherboards (logic boards), disk controllers and random access memory(RAM) etc. Any spare parts not in stock we order directly from our supplier in USA or Asia and the estimated waiting time is usually only a few workdays.


We upgrade your computer and make it faster.

We intall operating systems

We remove malware and viruses.

We replace computer hardware

Computer workshop

We repair any kind of PC Computers.
All you have to do is bring your computer to our workshop. Within 24 hours we troubleshoot it, explain to you what needs to be done in order to fix your computer and lastly inform you of the cost and duration of the repair/process(/how long the process/repair will take). If you decide against us fixing your computer, you will have to pay an inspection fee for the service. Conversely, if you want us to fix the computer the inspection fee will be dropped.

Operating systems

We do reinstall on Windows operating systems. If you need to make backup of your files we do that as well.

Dust cleaning

Heat can damage you computer. In time the computer „collects“ dust from the air. The dust gets stucked between the cooling fan and the cooling sink where it blocks the hot air from exiting the computer. It is necessary to clean dust from computers on regular bases.

Data backup

If you like wh can make backup of your files befor reinstalling the operating system. On making the backup we check upur files for viruses and Malware and remove them if the excist. After reinstalling the operating system we return the back-upped files to the computer.

MS Office install

Við install office on PC computers. You will have to bring the license number for us to able to install Office on your PC.

Anti virus

We intall antivirus / anti malware programs on all kinds of computers. You can bring your own og buy from us.

Scheduling apointment is not necessary

You do not have to make an apointment for your computer to be checked or fixed but if you want you can contact us to make an apointment.