Apple repairs

We repair all types and models

Apple repairs for individuals and businesses

Accumulated experience and knowledge over many years of Apple computer repairs together with a thorough computer workshop enable us to effectively and quickly troubleshoot Apple laptops.
If you have broken or damaged computer pieces for Apple laptops, we replace those that can be replaced, such as: keyboards, electric couplings, hard discs, disk controllers and random access memory(RAM).

We replace faulty hardware

We upgrade and make your computer faster

We install operating systems

We remove dust

We backup your data

MacBook repairs

We repair MacBook laptops and all other types of Apple computers.
All you have to do is bring your computer to our workshop. Within two days we troubleshoot it, explain to you what needs to be done in order to fix your computer and lastly inform you of the cost and duration of the repair/process(/how long the process/repair will take). If you decide against us fixing your computer, you will have to pay an inspection fee for the service. Conversely, if you want us to fix the computer the inspection fee will be dropped.


We will update your mac if possible and make it faster by e.g. to replace the hard disk with a faster SSD if possible.

Operating systems

We install MacOS operating systems on Apple computers. In the case of a reinstallation, your computer’s hard drive is formatted (all deleted from it) and the operating system is installed from scratch. Finally, the operating system is updated and tested.

Dust cleaning

We clean dust from your computer’s hardware. It is a principle that all computers collect dust in their cooling equipment. Over time, the dust forms a „blanket“ that clogs the airflow from the computer, thus blocking hot air inside it.

Data backup

We can back up your computer’s data before reinstalling its operating system. After reinstallation of the operating system, data is returned to their place on the computer. Please note that applications cannot be copied. They need to be reinstalled

Office install

We set up office on Apple computers. Please note that the software license number must be included

Virus protection

We install virus protection on computers. Owners can come with their own antivirus software for installation, but you can also buy antivirus software from us.

Scheduling is not necessary

You do not need to make an appointment for your computer, but you can do so if you wish by clicking “contact us” here on the site.

We are responsible for our work

Of course, we take responsibility for our work in accordance with the law on service purchases.