Apple and PC repairs

Repair service for all types of Apple laptops and desktops and all types of PCs.

Computer service

What we do

Apple repairs

Apple repairs

We repair all models.



We troubleshoot all computers

PC repair

PC repairs

We repair all models.

Upgrades and custom built

Upgrades and custom built

Apple and PC computers.

Website design

Website design

Joomla and WordPress.

Company services

Do you want more speed

We make computers faster.


We specialize in Apple and PC computer repair

We repair all types and models of Apple and PC computers. Many years of experience and knowledge in computer repair along with a good computer workshop enable us to accurately diagnose computer problems in a short time.

Apple and PC repair

Wide range of accessories for smartphone at

Tölvuland offers a wide range of smartphone accessories.

Website design and hosting

Website works. It creates business and enhances the credibility of your business as most people assume that your business has a website where information about it and the product / service it offers can be accessed. Website is also important for all businesses to market themselves and advertise online.

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